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We distribute daily with the help of airdrop and cranes to every willing user of ETH and NFT
Total users: 71573
Days in operation: 312
AIRDROP Ethereum: 324.68322 ETH
AIRDROP NFT: 176.46873 ETH
Last AIRDROP Active
1.8536 ETH
2.9347 ETH
1.2836 ETH
3.2016 ETH
1.285 ETH
1.877 ETH
1.368 ETH
0.357 ETH

Why should I choose AIRDROP?

Professionalism and stability in the cryptocurrency industry!

The ability to receive Ethereum daily without visiting the project.

Reliable protection

All accounts and personal data are protected from DDoS attacks by end-to-end encryption.

Quick withdrawal of funds

Instant withdrawal of funds on your request to your wallet!

How do I become a member?

01 Register

Authorization and registration via your crypto wallet


Get all available AIRDROP daily

03 Get ETH and NFT

Ethereum withdrawal on your request instantly

About the company

AIRDROP is a large, international ETH and NFT distribution service.

As part of our project, we have gathered more than 1,500 large companies and cranes that specialize in the free distribution of Ethereum for marketing purposes.

The mission of our company is to distribute as much as possible free of charge to Ethereum users, attracting new companies to charity every day.

By 2025, we plan to attract more than 5,000 different large and small companies to distribute Ethereum.


Do you have your own project? Do you want to distribute an AIRDROP and attract attention?
Connecting a partner Become a partner
  • Maximum Airdrop: 0.5 ETH 0.5 ETH
  • - the maximum is stipulated
The cost of advertising your project is 5%
Each next project is 2% of the Airdrop amount